Nii Core Trading

Nii Gunpla Shop website will have a new beta service. We named it ‘NII CORE TRADING’. We are going to provide a platform for individuals to trade your own kits for store credits. 


  1. Each individual can submit one kit at a time with 3-20 pictures of the kit to us and setup a price for it. Attach details and descriptions as much as possible. Send through email to:
  2. Only legit items can be submitted.
  3. Nii Gunpla Shop will upload these information on our website for you.
  4. Submitted item will be on our website for 30 days.
  5. Seller can switch items once a week or when item successfully sold.
  6. Bring your kit to us once the item successfully sold. We will inspect the item and make sure it is fulfilled your descriptions.
  7. Seller will receive 100% of the selling price as Nii Gunpla Shop credit at physical store or gift cards on website after the transaction complete.


  1. Locate trading items on our website at ‘Nii Core Trading’ tab or by searching ‘Trading’ for these items.
  2. Read the descriptions carefully before the purchases.
  3. Nii Gunpla Shop will inform buyer to pick up your item or arrange shipping after we received and inspect the item with seller.
  4. All sells are final.

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