LIMITED Premium Bandai HG 1/144 Tekkadan Complete Set


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Tekkadan, Traces of Fierce Fighting ―

From "Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans" comes a set that can reproduce the fierce battle of Tekkadan!




From "Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans" comes a set of 3 Gundam Frame MSs belonging to the Tekkadan and 1 Landman Rody!

Anti-ship lance mace, backpack unit for long-distance flight, large Dáinsleif warhead reproduction parts, and various weapons and optional parts are included with new modeling!


● Gundam Barbatos Lupus Rex


  -Comes with new weapons and anti-ship lance mace!

  New armament for Gundam Barbatos Lupus Rex drawn by mechanic designer Naohiro Washio,

  "Anti-ship lance mace" is included. It is also possible to connect multiple units and equip them to the MS body.


● Gundam Gusion Rebake Full City


  -Reproduce the backpack unit for long-distance flight with new modeling! Equipped with a joint gimmick!

  The backpack unit for long-distance flight that appeared when heading to the rescue of Turbines in the play is reproduced with new modeling.

  The propellant tank attached to the HG Kutan-san type (sold separately) can be connected to the backpack unit.

  Posing when equipped with a railgun can also be reproduced.


  -Comes with 4 exclusive rifles and halberd!

  In addition, a halberd and four exclusive rifles are included, allowing you to reproduce a variety of scenes in the play.


● Gundam Hauras (Ryusei-go)


  -Comes with large Dáinsleif warhead reproduction parts!

  Gundam Hauras (Ryusei-go) driven by Norva Sino,

  Includes large Dáinsleif warhead reproduction parts that reproduce the deadly last shooting "Super Galaxy Cannon".


  -Comes with a short barrel cannon and an assault knife!  


● Landman Lodi


  -Reproduce the Tekkadan specification aircraft!

  Reproduce the Tekkadan specification aircraft with distinctive legs. The body color is reproduced with the molding color.

  Armed with a submachine gun and a hammer chopper.


set content :

・ HG Gundam Barbatos Lupus Rex

 Anti-ship lance mace / super-large mace / grip (left and right) / anti-ship lance mace connecting parts / joint parts


・ HG Gundam Gusion Rebake Full City

 Long-distance flight backpack unit / railgun / rifle x 4


・ HG Gundam Hauras (Ryusei-go)

 Large Dáinsleif warhead reproduction parts / back railgun x 2 / short barrel cannon x 2 / machine gun x 2 / assault knife x 2 / flat hand (left and right)


・ HG Landman Lodi

 Submachine gun / hammer chopper



1/144 scale assembly type plastic model

Target age: 8 years old and over

Product material: PS・PE・PVC

・ No adhesive is used for assembly



* The finished product in the photo is a painted product. It is also a prototype under development. It may differ from the actual product.

* When using clear parts, air bubbles may enter the clear parts due to the manufacturing process.

* Plated parts may vary due to the painting process. Please note.

* Product materials may change depending on the production time. Please note.

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