about us

Nii Gunpla shop is a hobby shop where we mainly distribute hobby model kits, paints and tools. We are a proudly small Canadian owned business located in Edmonton, Alberta.  

We started this shop in 2009. At the time, I had just graduated from University.

On the last day of school, my girlfriend (now wife) and I were walking home when we noticed this flower shop on campus selling everything half-priced. I didn’t think much and my girlfriend didn’t hesitate and went straight inside to ask the owner why she was selling everything so cheap.

Turns out the owner had wanted to stop running her shop. And all of a sudden, my life turned around and suddenly I became a business owner.

To be honest, I started building gundam over twenty years ago. To me, it is more than a business. It’s my hobby and passion, a place where I find joy and excitement when building. And that’s the environment I create for my customers.

Happiness. That’s what matters to me the most. Both my own and other people’s. I love to help people and I strongly value the happiness and comfort of my customers. I believe a hobby shouldn’t be financially crippling and should be shared and enjoyable. Like the proverbs say “Sharing is caring”.

And I try to make that happen by lowering my profit as much as possible.

Life wasn’t always sunshine and rainbows. At first, I didn’t know what to sell. I made a lot of mistakes and took a lot of wrong turns but I never stopped chasing my passions.

As a lot of you may know, I am a gundam hobbyist and to be honest, a little bit of a gundam hoarder.

And this business is what makes it possible for me to keep my passion alive.

Currently, I sell mainly gundam related products. We have a flat shipping rate for all across Canada. For orders outside of Canada, the shipping is paid by customers.

I want to cater to everyone’s wants and needs.Thank you for all the understanding and all your support!