Hub Mall entrances are closed to the public due to COVID-19, how do we get in?

We allow pick-ups and walk-ins during our business days. Once you’ve reached the second floor of the LRT entrance, simply call Nii G Shop @ 7809888832 and we will let you in.

Hours before September 2021:

Odd dates except weekends and holidays
11:00 - 17:00
Other dates appointments available
Message us through Facebook Page to book 


Hours starts September 2nd. 2021:

Monday to Friday except holidays
11:00 - 17:00
Appointments available for weekends
Message us through Facebook Page to book 


What currency we use here on this website?

Canadian Dollars (CAD).


When will you restock items?

We are always restocking and we want to provide variety and choices to our customers so we try to have all the available kits at any given time. If we do not have it, it is because it’s currently not available from our distributors. All of our restocks are posted on our Facebook page and our website is on real time with our stocks. 



Can you check the restocking schedule?

Yes, we can check the restock schedules of our distributors and can give customers an ETA of restocks that we will be expecting.

For more information about restocking dates, feel free to ask us via phone, email, or messengers.


Can I order online and pick up at the physical location

Yes, you can! If you select the “pick up” method after picking your kits on our website (niigs.ca), we will be able to see your order and put your kits aside for you. Once our staff has put aside your order, you will receive an email telling you that your order is ready for pick up. (If you order before 4pm on our operating days, we provide same day pick up) 


Can orders be shipped internationally?

Yes, we can ship internationally (the customer is responsible for paying the full cost of shipping). As for orders in Canada, it is 15 dollars flat rate shipping and free shipping on orders over $300 before tax.


When can I expect my order to arrive if I put in one that is not in stock?

Orders can be submitted anytime. However, the restock schedule depends on our distributor’s availabilities. There is no guaranteed date for restock.  


More questions? message or call us:

Email: niigiftshop@gmail.com
Work: +1 (780) 988-8832
FB: Nii G Shop