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Aoshima 1/64 Liberty Walk Mini Car Grand Champion Collection Series.13 Box (12pc)

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Release Date: July 2021

The 13th installment of the series! This time, we've got a 130 Laurel by 'Shakotan Koyaji', a.k.a. Liberty Walk representative Wataru Kato, and a stock-look GX71 Cresta w/ a shortened ride height that's been soaring in price every year! The tuning machines that were popular among the young-at-heart in the 1980s have been made into 1/64 scale miniature cars. At only 70mm in size, the Customization and wheels of the time have been reproduced to the fullest.

Total of 6 models, 2 colors each Product size (when packaged individually):

80mm x 115mm x 40mm

Inner box size:

165mm x 115mm x 245mm

-Hakosuka 2Dr 1971 (GC10) This Hakosuka 2Dr is the treasure of 'Shakotan Koyaji', aka Liberty Walk Representative Wataru Kato. The fenders, bumper-less front and rear, and side-mounted mufflers give it a wild look.

-Fairlady Z 1973 (S30) This is the second Fairlady Z treasured by 'Shakotan Koyaji', aka Liberty Walk representative Wataru Kato

-130 Laurel 1973 (C130) This is a butaketsu Laurel, a treasure of 'Shakotan Koyaji'

-110 Silvia 1979 (S110) The 110 Silvia has a stunning silhouette style. The spoiler and fenders are reminiscent of the racing cars of the time, and the impact is outstanding.

-Cresta 1987 (GX71) The only thing that's been tweaked is the ride height, but if you look closely, you'll see that it's a late model w/ an early model face.

-71 Mark II 1987 (GX71) This is a 71 Mark II w/ a shortened ride height.

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Aoshima 1/64 Liberty Walk Mini Car Grand Champion Collection Series.13 Box (12pc)

$138.00 CAD

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