Aoshima VFG Macross F VF-25G Super Messiah Clan Clan


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From Macross Frontier Movie, Klan Klang is added to the lineup!

  • Deformation, three forms of reproduction by the replacement of parts
  • You can choose to assemble the normal version or the super pack version (convertible kit)
  • Snap kit model with no adhesive required
  • Mold in color
  • Three types of colored face parts are included.
  • Stickers for coloring are included.
  • Numbered aircraft, eye decals for girl included
  • Special Bonus Parts
  • Special Parts for Reproduction of Armored Klan Klang
  • Monocle monitor and glasses for Klan Klang

-Size:aircraft height:205mm body height:155mm
-No glue needed
-Display not attached

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