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Product description

Mechanic wings join the HEAVY WEAPON UNIT lineup!

The concept is... ""Let your mecha fly!""

Customize your mecha and bishoujo models with these expandable wings and highly posable arms to make them even cooler and more beautiful.

Model Specifications:

■ The kit is comprised of wing units and back arm units. The wings attach with 5mm ball joints, allowing them to hold their position in a wide range of poses.

■ The left and right wings can be connected to create one large wing.

■ Two left or two right wings can also be connected, allowing for infinite expansion.

■ The many small feathers that make up the wing units are connected by ball joints and can be adjusted flexibly to create detailed poses. Align the edges for a sharp silhouette, or spread them out for a fluttering effect.

■ A grip is also included, allowing the wings to be used as a shield.

■ The back arm unit consists of a main supporter, left and right arms, and left and right feathers. The main supporter is equipped with articulated parts and can be used with other kits.

The arms have three points of articulation, allowing the wings to move freely.

Included Items:

■ Wing Units (Left/Right) x1

■ Back Arm Unit x1

■ Feathers (Small) x6

■ Feathers (Big) x2

■ Tail Feathers (Left/Right) x1

■ Grip x1

■ Fixed Coupling Expansion Attachment x1

■ Articulated Coupling Expansion Attachment x2

■ Covers x2

(This item is a reproduction.)

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$24.00 CAD

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