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Product description

A Multipurpose Flying Unit joins the HEAVY WEAPON UNIT lineup!

This item is designed after the concept phrase, ""Flying unit, obey my orders!""

Connect this Multipurpose Flying Unit to the clear digital circle and freely customize mecha and bishoujo plastic model kits!

Model Specifications:

■The kit consists of a clear Digital Circle Unit and four Multipurpose Flying Units, as well as a dedicated connection arm to connect the units to the circle.

The connection arm is articulated, allowing the units to be adjusted into different angles even when attached to the circle.

■The Digital Circle Unit has a total of four parts. The angle of the 3mm connectors can be adjusted, so the circle can be arranged into different shapes other than the semi-circle that opens and closes by removing some connector joints.

■The Multipurpose Flying Units are composed of front shield parts and back mecha parts. The mecha parts have built-in clear wings that can be opened and closed.

The units become Hovering Turret Drones by attaching the included barrel parts. Attach them to a New Flying Base or Playing Base Type A (sold separately) to the 3mm connection points on the back and display the units as stand-alone Flying Turret Drones.

The barrel parts can also be used as 3mm joints, which can be used to connect the Flying Units vertically and create one large Multipurpose Flying Unit.

■Attach the included grip parts to the Multipurpose Flying Units with the 3mm connection points to make them into shields, which can then be placed onto the wrists of mecha and character plastic model kits.

■The Arm Unit that connects to the model’s back is flexible with three points of articulation, allowing the Digital Circle Unit to be adjusted freely in various angles.

Included items:

■Digital Circle Unit x 1

■Dedicated Articulated Arm x 1

■Multipurpose Flying Unit x 4

■Connector Arm x 4

■Barrel Part x 2

■Grip x 2

■3mm Adapter Joint x 4


(This item is a reproduction.)

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$24.00 CAD

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