Kotobukiya M.S.G Mecha Supply 11 Joint Set Type C


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  • Release: August 2021 Introducing a simple joint made of HIPS material that further expands the recombination! It is most compatible with the hexagear frame, and it is possible to link various series. Assuming that the attached joints are used in combination, the 3mm shaft side has been extended so that it can be used freely. Included contents -A type (W: 8mm ? H: 7mm 5mm hole) ? 12 -B type (with connection gimmick) ? 12 -C type (3mm axis) ? 12 -D type (5mm ? 5mm short 3mm hole) ? 12 -E type (5mm x 5mm long 3mm hole) x 12 -F type (5mm x 6mm long 3mm hole) x 12 -G type (5mm x 6mm short 3mm hole) x 12 * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.

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