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  • Vendor: kotobukiya

Kotobukiya Hand Unit Sharp Hand 2

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Product description

  • The popular SHARP HAND is getting a continuation!

    A new variation of the sharply pointed and beautifully designed HAND UNIT MB41 Sharp Hand has arrived.
    This set includes 4 types of hands, with a left and right side for each.
    As these hands differ from the first version, users can enjoy these units even further by pairing these sets together.

    3 types of connector parts are included.
    ・3.0mm joints
    ・3.5mm ball joint
    ・5.0mm ball joint attachments (can be attached to the 3.0mm joints)

    The variety of connector parts allows these hand parts to be used with a variety of Kotobukiya’s plastic model units, including the Frame Arms and Hexa Gear lines.

    Set Lineup:
    ・Closed Hands: Thanks to various requests for closed hands after the release of the first version, these hands are finally available.
    ・Weapon Holding Hands 2: There were also many requests for these hands, which hold weapons at a shallow angle. These are perfect for blade weapons, such as swords and spears, and can accommodate poses with the weapon facing forwards.
    ・Open Hands 2: These are new hands with the fingers spread wide open. They allow for smoother, more dynamic poses and are perfect for various situations, such as recreating flight scenes with the hands outstretched.
    ・Open Hands 3: These are open hands with movement, developed from HAND UNIT MB40 WILD HAND. Combining both elegant design and strength, these hands allow for even more impressive action poses.

    Expressions (1 set of left and right pieces for each):
    ・Closed Hands
    ・Weapon Holding Hands 2
    ・Open Hands 2
    ・Open Hands 3

    Connector Parts (included with each expression; angled parts are used for Weapon Holding Hands 2):
    ・3.0mm joints
    ・3.5mm ball joints
    ・5.0mm ball joint attachments (can be attached to the 3.0mm joints)

    (This item is a reproduction.)

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Kotobukiya Hand Unit Sharp Hand 2

$16.00 CAD

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