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The popular item in the Heavy Weapon series, OVERED MANIPULATOR, is getting reproduced in “made in Japan” (Kikuchi Seisakusho) quality!!

All of the joints on the fingers are flexible to allow users to create a variety of poses.
With the 3mm connecting joints used on each part, this unit is compatible with Frame Arms and Frame Arms Girl products.
By combining with the included additional parts, this unit can also be used with other products besides the large-sized Manipulator.

Kikuchi Seisakusho is “a company that provides integrated support for monozukuri” that offers a helping hand for creating new products in all kinds of fields with their package solution system that includes development, design, molding, prototyping, evaluation, and mass production.

Not only do they strive for production efficiency, but their goal is the “creation of a support industry” that provides assistance through crafts. Using their technology and sticking to down-to-earth production, they strive for a society that is considerate, creates helpful products, and flourishes with kindness.

■ The model can be enjoyed in a number of ways including the basic Overed Manipulator Normal Mode, the Destroyer Mode with extended claws, the quadruple shot Quartet Laser beam cannon, the large Sledge Hammer, and more!
■ All fingers are articulated with 3mm connection joints. These allow for complex, realistic poses close to that of a human hand.
■ The knuckle guard can be moved to cover the fist.
■ Can be used as a left or right depending on how it is assembled.
■ The tip of the thumb has a built-in 3mm joint that can be retracted and deployed to function as an additional sub-arm.
■ Several joints for hands are included, including 3mm, 3.2mm, 5mm, and joints for Impact Knuckles and Impact Edge, so that the manipulators can be used with Frame Arms and M.S.G kits.
■ A slide rail rod can be extended and contracted on a rail and lock mechanism.

Included Items:
■ Overed Manipulator x1
■ Claws for Destroyer Mode x5
■ Quartet Laser Muzzle Parts x4
■ Slide Rail Rod x1
■ Extension Grip x1

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$24.00 CAD
$21.00 CAD

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