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Introducing a creative design full of expansion capabilities and features!
The unique and stylish robot MAMORU is finally being released as a plastic model kit!!

MARUTTOYS is a world of original robot characters created by up-and-coming model designer MiZ (Kouki Mizuno).
Selected for presentation at the 36th Wonder Showcase, the highly anticipated security robot MAMORU has been given major upgrades in preparation for its release as a plastic model kit!

The time is the 2060s.
MAMORU is the latest model of security robot developed by the advanced company ATARASY.
MAMORU was developed to combat robot and android crimes, and compared to other ATARASY robot products, it is considerably higher spec.
It comes equipped with cutting-edge advanced motors, giving it enhanced maneuverability and power. To handle such power, it features a tough and durable design.
Naturally the hardpoints and arms can be equipped with a variety of optional attachments, but, as this is the latest model, MAMORU comes with Sub-arm Units that can be equipped with smaller items and manage delicate tasks not possible with the Main Arm Units.
Thanks to MAMORU's abilities and expansion capabilities, it has surpassed its intended purpose as a security robot and is used in rescue teams, the police force, and even the military.
MAMORU can be ordered in colors to suit its intended purpose. The Black Ver. is stationed in highly formal situations and fulfills roles such as security for luxury hotels, embassies, and government offices.

Model Specifications:
・This model is a full action model kit with 55 points of articulation.
・This unit is built with a complete inner frame. All outer parts can be detached from it.
・The model can transform from a compact “Normal Mode” to “Work Mode.”
・The head can switch between Normal Type or Enhanced Sensor Type, when equipped with the Enhanced Head Sensor. Furthermore, users can recreate “Elimination Mode” by completely rotating the Enhanced Head Sensor.
・The left and right sides of the body feature hidden Sub-arm Units that can be deployed.
・The Main Arm Units can be removed from the body and attached to other models as optional units by using the 3mm connection joints.
・The color scheme of this model kit is black, light gray, and colorless clear. This model can be assembled into a product close to the character model. (The separately sold MAMORU [White Ver.] will have a different color scheme for outer parts and the inner frame.)
・The points for 3mm connection joints on the lower half of the model are compatible with the separately sold New Flying Base.

How to Enjoy:
・MAMORU can be freely customized with parts from existing M.S.G, Frame Arms, Frame Arms Girl, and Hexa Gear by using the optional 3mm connection joints with the points.
・Even with the differences in scale, this model can be placed together and enjoyed with other models such as NON scale Frame Arms Girl and 1/24 scale Hexa Gear.

Included Items:
・MAMORU Main Unit
・Enhanced Head Sensor x1
・3mm Connection Joints x4

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$84.00 CAD

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