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Product description

Combat preparation complete. Start your engines.

Model Information: 

The SIEG SPRINGER is a third generation HEXA GEAR unit developed by MSG with a specific focus on mobility. Except for flying types such as the AGNIRAGE, it has extraordinarily high mobility for a land-based unit.  

As one of the relatively smaller third generation HEXA GEAR units, the SIEG SPRINGER was designed to have extremely small amounts of weapons and armor considering its total body weight. The majority of the body other than the frame is composed of dense artificial muscles based on HEXA G-R.A.M technology, enabling both mobility and loading capacity that are disproportionate to its size. It is also characterized by its high level of endurance due to the large amount of HEXA G-R.A.M used. 

Its animalistic nature appears to be more ferocious compared to other units (although some individual variability can be observed), perhaps as a result of its lack of a Vehicle Mode conversion system and that the unit specializes in Zoatex Mode. This automatically means that Governors who ride it are required to have the appropriate skills and gear.

The specifications were largely designed with the Ignite Spartan in mind as its rider. The combination of a knight and his steed creates one of the most combat efficient HEXA GEARs there is. 

In order to allow the Ignite Spartan to use its Colossal Lance effectively, a highly mobile HEXA GEAR with a body that wouldn't impede the lance was necessary. The Ignite Spartan was the only rider capable of taming the wild SIEG SPRINGER and making full use of its mobility and loading capacity. 

With ""victory"" in its name, the black horse ensures triumph for the black knight. 

Likewise, the black knight on his shadowy steed promises total victory for the queen. 

The knight and his horse become a single lance, piercing the battlefield like a bolt of lightning.


■ Ram Horn

■ Tail Thruster

Model Specifications: 

■ Details of the artificial muscle units have been carefully sculpted to make a more organic silhouette compared to previous third generation HEXA GEAR.

■ Exchange the head unit and step unit to mount a Governor on the front like a centaur.

■ The tail unit is flexible and can be arranged into ""sprinter mode"" by attaching the included effect parts.

■ The model has a deployable hard point on the abdomen where various armor parts can be attached to make an original customized model.

■ The humerus of the forefoot comes in two types; one with emphasis on appearance and the other on customizability. You can use them according to your preference.

■ The head sensor is pre-painted, allowing the model to be close to the finished image just by assembling the kit.

■ The color scheme of this model is black, gunmetal, and clear.

*The black is the same color as VOLTREX WRATH and the gunmetal is the frame color commonly used within the HEXA GEAR series.

Included Items:


■ Step Unit x1

■ Boost Effect Parts x2

■ Forefoot Customization Parts (Left and Right) x1

■ 3mm Joint Parts x2

■ Archive Card x1

(This item is a reproduction.)

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$70.00 CAD

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