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LIMITED Premium Bandai HG 1/144 Expansion set for WINDAM & Dagger L

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Product description

--- "HG 1/144 WINDAM" and "HG 1/144 Dagger L" (sold separately) interlocking items are now available! ---

* This product does not include the MS itself.

* This product can be connected to the back of both "HG WINDAM" and "HG Dagger L".


From "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY", the expansion equipment of WINDAM and Dagger L has been commercialized with completely new modeling.

Includes "Multi Launcher Pack" and "Doppelhorn Recoilless Rifle". Includes newly designed water slide decals.


< set content >

● Multi-launcher pack set

-Doppelhorn twin recoilless rifle set

● Mk315 Stiletto throwing jet vs. armor intrusion

● Water slide decal



<New reproduction of replacement unit and armament>

Two types of expansion units compatible with the separately sold "HG WINDAM" and "HG Dagger L" equipped with the equipment replacement system are reproduced with new modeling.


◆◆ Multi Launcher Pack

  A new reproduction of the multi-launcher pack equipped by WINDAM in the play.

  The base of the unit that mounts the launcher is equipped with a storage and deployment gimmick by a rotating shaft.

  The duct part on the side of the launcher reproduces the hatch opening and closing gimmick.


  Includes stored missile parts. The missile can be taken out independently.

  An action base can be connected to the rocket propulsion unit. Compatible with missile launch scenes.



◆◆ Doppelhorn recoilless rifle

  Reproduce the anti-ship equipment "Doppelhorn twin recoilless rifle" mounted on Dagger L and Wyndham.

  The elevation angle of the unit base can be adjusted by the movable shaft.



◆◆ “Mk315 Stiletto Throwing Splash vs. Armor Penetration”

  Included with new parts. It is possible to have it in MS.

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LIMITED Premium Bandai HG 1/144 Expansion set for WINDAM & Dagger L

$45.00 CAD
$40.00 CAD

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