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LIMITED Premium Bandai HG 1/144 Gundam TR-1 [Haze'n-thley] (under the flag of ADVANCE OF Z Titans)

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Product description

TR-1 Final Strengthening,

Climb to the series line up


From "ADVANCE OF Z ~ Under the Flag of Titans ~", the final form of Gundam TR-1 [Hazel], RX-121-3C Gundam TR-1 [Heizensley] appears in the series.

Focusing on the reinforced upper body, the exterior shape and optional parts that change the silhouette are reproduced with new modeling.



-Reproduce the styling of TR-1 [Heizensley] with new modeling parts

  Newly shaped parts such as the head, chest, shoulders, and optional parts have been added to match the styling reproduction of TR-1 [Heizensley].

  Pursuing form and detail. In addition, some joint parts have been updated to support dynamic poses.


  Head / Torso / Arms

  New modeling parts are used from the head, chest, shoulders to upper arms.



  The boost pod part, which has the same design as the parts such as TR-6 [Hizensley II], is reproduced with new modeling for TR-1 [Hizensley].


  Sub arm

  Reproduce the unit with the same shape as the body of TR-6 [Wound Wart]. The arm is movable and can be attached and detached.



  A new lateral roll joint axis has been added, and the range of motion has been expanded compared to TR-1 [Hazel].



  Newly shaped parts that are the same reinforced parts as TR-1 [Advanced Hazel], but have been divided according to the illustration of Heizensley, corresponding to shape adjustment and color coding.



● Adopts gimmicks and options optimized for TR-1 [Hizensley]

  In order to reproduce the illustration, not only the main body shape but also the impressive long barrel composite shield booster is reproduced with new modeling for TR-1 [Heizensley].


  Composite shield booster

  The composite shield booster is newly built with a larger size. By replacing the parts of the blade part

  It is possible to reproduce the unfolded and stored state. In addition, the details on the back side have been changed. Can be connected to TR-1 standard shield connection parts.


  Mega particle cannon

  A mega particle cannon on the shoulder. With a wide range of motion, you can reproduce the shooting action.



● A marking sticker for TR-1 [Hizensley] is included.



Attached armament: Composite shield booster / Beam rifle / Beam saber



1/144 scale assembly plastic model

Target age: 8 years old and over

Product material: PS / PE

・ No adhesive is used for assembly



* The finished product in the photo is painted. It is also a prototype under development. It may be slightly different from the actual product.

* Please note that some clear parts may contain air bubbles due to the manufacturing process.

* Product materials may change depending on the production time. Please note.

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LIMITED Premium Bandai HG 1/144 Gundam TR-1 [Haze'n-thley] (under the flag of ADVANCE OF Z Titans)

$110.00 CAD

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