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LIMITED Premium Bandai MG 1/100 Gundam EX IMPULSE

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"Gundam Build Divers" Official Gaiden

"Gundam Build Divers Genius Head Line"


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From "Gundam Build Divers Genius Head Line"

Manfred von Sakazaki's Gunpla, "Gundam Eximpulse", the leader of the force "Soujo Brigade" specializing in air battles, has been commercialized in the MG series.


-Bold modeling that combines massive details and sharp form!

  While inheriting the characteristics of Impulse Gundam, the customized body shape is reproduced with new modeling parts.

  Details of the head, shoulders, arms, hips, legs, etc. have been improved.

  The coloring based on the characteristic white and gray reproduces the color coding by dividing the parts with the molding color.


-Equipped with an original armed gimmick


  Ex silhouette

  The original silhouette "Ex silhouette" that realizes an acrobatic maneuver is reproduced with new parts.

  It can be transformed into two flight modes by the variable gimmick of the wing.

  The attached silhouette flyer is equipped with an Ex silhouette and can be displayed.


  Beam rifle

  Equipped with an original beam rifle designed to control air battles.

  It is composed of sophisticated detail parts, and a beam blade can be attached to the muzzle. Can also be mounted on the waist.


-Comes with a water transfer type decal including the original design

 Includes decals for improving the details of each part, including the emblem of "Soujo Brigade" and the title of "A (Ace)".



Attached armament: Ex silhouette / beam rifle / beam saber / shield / knife



1/100 scale assembly type plastic model

Target age: 15 years old and over

Product material: PS / PE / ABS

・ No adhesive is used for assembly



* The finished product in the photo is a painted product. It is also a prototype under development. It may differ from the actual product.

* When using clear parts, air bubbles may enter the clear parts due to the manufacturing process.

* Plated parts may vary due to the painting process. Please note.

* Product materials may change depending on the production time. Please note.

* Depending on the sales situation, the quantity that can be purchased may change in the future.

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LIMITED Premium Bandai MG 1/100 Gundam EX IMPULSE

$148.00 CAD

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