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LIMITED Premium Bandai MG 1/100 Mission Pack P Type for Gundam F90

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― Atmospheric entry type P type ―



A mission pack that can be jointed with "MG 1/100 Gundam F90" (sold separately) to reproduce the P type with atmospheric entry specifications is now available!


* This product does not include the MS body.

* To reproduce the posted photo, this product and "MG 1/100 Gundam F90" (sold separately/Premium Bandai sale item) are required.



A mission pack developed for the prototype MS Gundam F90 of the "Formula Plan" by Sanary (S・N・R・I), the P-type is now available in master grade with completely new modeling!

Transformation into atmosphere entry form (wave rider form) is possible!


● P (plunge) type for atmospheric entry

  Equipped with nose parts, shoulder armament, wing shield, buttock tank unit, and leg booster unit bearing the name "PLUNGE".

  Reproduce the pack for entering the atmosphere with new modeling.


  back north cowl unit

  Reproduce the deployment mechanism of the north cowl unit (nose part) equipped on the back.


  Right Shoulder Vulcan Cannon / Left Shoulder Beam Cannon

  A rotating shaft is mounted on the sensor of the Vulcan cannon unit that can be attached to the right shoulder.

  The beam cannon turret that can be attached to the left shoulder can move up and down.


  both arms wing shield

  The wing shield attached to the arm hard point has a rotating shaft on the base and can be moved flexibly.

  The wing parts stored in the shield can be deployed.

  Reproduce the coloring of the wing parts with the molding color.


  buttock tank unit

  The lower tank unit can be selected and replaced with stabilizer parts. 


  leg booster unit

  Each leg booster unit vernier can move independently with a ball joint.

  The cable connected to the buttock tank unit is reproduced with lead wires and varnished tubes.

  Reproduce the coloring of the wing parts on the side with the molding color.



●P. V. Special can be reproduced!

  By attaching special parts to the shoulder and back, you can create a "BB Senshi 96 Gundam F90 P/V-TYPE (general over-the-counter item)".

You can reproduce the original form published in "PV Special"!

  Add some equipment of V type of "MG 1/100 Gundam F90 mission pack R type & V type (sold separately)"

  It is possible to wear it!



● Includes water transfer decals.

  Includes water transfer decals including original markings.



Set contents: P type equipment set / display base


*MS body is not included with this product.

*This product includes only "Mission Pack P Type".



1/100 scale assembled plastic model

Target age: 15 years old and over

Product material: PS, PVC, PET

No glue used for assembly

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LIMITED Premium Bandai MG 1/100 Mission Pack P Type for Gundam F90

$60.00 CAD

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